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SECURITY AWARENESS TRAINING SHARPEN YOUR SKILLS TO PROTECT PERSONAL, COMPANY, & PATIENT DATA CYNERGISTEK PRESENTS NATIONAL CYBERSECURITY AWARENESS MONTH October 2020 SOCIAL MEDIA • Be careful of over - friending • Setup personal security answers & update your privacy settings • Close any accounts that are no longer used or have been inactive • Never over share personal info (taking pictures in front of kids' schools, birth dates, house address) • Never post about being out of town MOBILE • Update OS and applications often • Install security software ( anti - malware) • Connect only to legit & secure WiFi networks • Disable Bluetooth, WiFi & location settings when not in use • Change default password & use a strong password (longer is better) • Keep mobile devices locked • Download apps only from "official" app stores (Apple & Google) COMPUTER • Install security software (anti - malware) • Turn on automatic updates for OS & apps • Connect only to legit & secure WiFi networks • Always keep webcam covered when not in use • Never leave devices unattended or unsecured • Use lock screens with appropriate timeout settings • When using USBs always use a password & encrypt the data before sharing VISHING (VIA PHONE) • Join the National Do Not Call Registry by visiting • Never provide account data or personal information via phone unless you know the caller • Your organization's security team will not call you to request that you change logins, passwords, or network settings. If the caller does, refuse and notify security SMISHING (VIA TEXT) • If you don't know the sender, don't click the text or links • Be wary of "act fast," "sign up now," or other pushy & too - good - to - be - true offers • Avoid text messages with vague or non - descriptive subjects PHISHING (VIA EMAIL) • Check the display & domain name match • Verify links & attachments before clicking • Keep up with software updates • Use a firewall & VPN • Avoid clicking on flashy ads • Set up two - factor authentication • Check for spelling mistakes • Don't believe everything you see Add Logo Her e

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