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Print Device Security Checklist Vulnerable Access Points: Are Yours Secure? CynergisTek, Inc. 512.402.8550 [email protected] @CynergisTek Directions Place a check mark in the box next to each potential area of concern, as it relates to your print device security, if policy, procedures and on-going maintenance are up-to-date. If more than three (3) categories are left unchecked, contact CynergisTek for a complete security assessment and remediation plan. Network Print and scan information sent to/from device over the network can easily be captured. Input tray Specialized paper, such as prescription paper can be stolen from an unsecured tray. Cloud-based access Data may be exposed in an unsecured environment. Firmware Data may be compromised if firmware is not routinely updated. Ports Access to the device via unsecured USB, network ports or unsecured protocols. Storage Devices store PHI which can be accessed if not encrypted, managed or destroyed appropriately. Output tray High alert - sensitive information can easily be taken from this location. Control panel Users can exploit data if left unsecured. Mobile printing Fast-moving users may have forgotten PHI was left behind. Print capture Ensure data is routed to its destination. Checks and Balances Routine check-ups of policy enforcement, firmware updates and vulnerability management.

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