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THE CHALLENGE The use of APIs has increased exponentially because of the ability to quickly share data and processes, leading to better interoperability between applications. The rapid adoption has significantly increased the attack surface area for company applications and existing methods for securing web applications miss API- targeted attacks since APIs include: Cost Effective Proactive one-time or on-going approach versus expensive manual penetration testing. One-stop for API Security Testing and tracking through a customized solution validating the APIs security posture. Improved API Management Monitor API usage and ensure appropriate API security to maintain compliance. THE BENEFITS Safeguard Your Data With API Security Testing API Sentry brings visibility needed to understand risks associated with APIs. It combines Redspin's security and analytics expertise with sophisticated API security testing technology to ensure consistent and up-to-date results. API SENTRY Copyright © 2020 Redspin. All Rights Reserved. Unique Vulnerabilities - Contain code and business functionality unique to the organization and any flaws in coding or logic represent Zero-Day vulnerabilities. Managed Access - Changes to APIs to meet the demands of the organization can be difficult to manage over time without a program and technical solution. Extended Connectivity - APIs often need access to parts of the network that would otherwise not be allowed creating a larger potential attack surface.

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