CMMC Service Overview Sheet

January 7, 2021 Redspin, Inc.

There is a definitive set of rules, not all inclusive list, that DoD contractors must follow to ensure that they are in compliance, and stay in compliance, with regulatory standards.  CMMC incorporates these requirements, along with an additional set of requirements specifically for CMMC compliance, which are defined in the CMMC Model.  The rules flow down from federal standards to DoD standards, in which the CMMC Model was developed.

Learn how aligning with Redspin cybersecurity experts, you can achieve the level of cyber hygiene you needed for the CMMC certification.

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Redspin, Inc.

Redspin is a leading provider of risk assessments using various frameworks including NIST CSF, CMMC-AB, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, and healthcare cybersecurity consulting. We’ve helped many Fortune 500 and leading growth companies in highly regulated industries including government, financial, technology, and manufacturing improve their cyber readiness and resiliency through a strategic and proven approach to reduce cyber risks and safeguard sensitive information.

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